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Cao Gang Sheds Light on HZAU' s Cause of Biomedicine

On the evening of March 10th, 2017, the academic salon themed "Biomedicine Meets HZAU"was held in the second comprehensive building. "Chu Tian Scholar"Distinguished Professor Cao Gang from the College of Animal Sciences & Technology / College of Veterinary Medicine,also a permanent researcher of the State Key Laboratory of Agricultural Microbiology, delivered a keynote speech on the significance, advantages and challenges of carrying out biomedical research in HZAU.

At first, Prof. Cao talked about why agricultural universities develop biomedicine. According to him, China is a great agricultural country with a long history as is shown in Shen Nong (a mythological figure) trying herb medicines. of biomedical knowledge. However, recently, the proportion of agriculture in GDP gradually declines, while that of bio-pharmaceutical industry continues to rise. Huge investment has been made in the medical field both at home and abroad, making medicine the trend of life science. Therefore, transformation of the universities is the inevitable requirement to follow the tendency and national strategy. Although life science in our school is among tops in China, the study of humanbeings is not enough. The development of biomedicine in HZAU is not only conducive to maximize our advantages, but also to form a discipline layout with the characteristics of a comprehensive university during the period of 13th Five-Year Plan.

Subsequently, Prof. Cao analyzed advantages and challenges in developing biomedicine in HZAU. Our school boasts great research strength in public safety, pharmacy, neurobiology, medical big-data, tumor and immunology, but it is quite challenging for us to grow stronger as the newly established biomedical center is faced with such issues like fierce competition, shortage in capital and devices, immature technology and limited platforms. "We should work together to find out some feasible measures." He suggested that breakthroughs could be made in several directions, such as that we could achieve new progress in cancer genomics by cooperating with Hubei Cancer Hospital.

Prof. Cao described his own laboratory with “So far so good”. He has conducted detailed research on the systematic biology which features in the mutual control among nerves, immune and pathogens. During the process,he found that three systems evolved through competition. In addition, he speculated on the operating principle of the brain through different neural circuits traced by pathogens.

In the Q&A section, Prof. Cao mentioned that it would take some time to lay the foundation of biomedicine in HZAU. It is exposed to establish a biomedical base class which will provide students with quality resources by cooperating with major hospitals. What’s more, he hoped that doctoral students could do a better job than him. Speaking of his dream, Prof. Cao said, "I just want to indulge myself in scientific research to produce more achievements. Although there is no royal road to learning, I will always conduct academic research joyously."

(By Yu Xiaohong)