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Demonstration Base for Efficient Dairy Buffalo Husbandry in HZAU Awarded National Intelligence Introduction Base

The technology of efficient dairy buffalo husbandry, an outcome of Intelligence Introduction of HZAU, was listed in the roll of 2016 National Demonstration and Extension Base for Foreign Intelligence Introduction, according to the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA) on March 9, 2017. This is the third national Intelligence Introduction Base in HZAU. At the same time, other 8 units were listed in the roll.

Demonstration and extension base for “efficient dairy buffalo husbandry” is initiated by Professor Yang Liguo, from the College of Animal Sciences & Technology/College of Veterinary Medicine, aiming at accelerating the breeding of specific dairy buffalo variety, improving breeding technology of Chinese dairy buffalo, and promoting the development of worldwide dairy buffalo industry through the demonstration and extension of intelligence introduction. In the early stage, Prof. Yang cooperated with scholars of Italy and U.K. respectively, and developed 10 mature technologies by technology introduction and assimilation, including 4 internationally leading technologies of teat spacing selection, whole genome selection, rapid identification for karyotype of hybrid buffalo and genetic immunization based ovulation regulation technology, 2 internationally advanced technologies of artificial feeding of calves and establishment of buffalo nucleus breeding, as well as 4 innovative technologies of sex control twin technology, spermatogonial stem cell separation, sperm cloning and pregnancy diagnosis.

In order to facilitate the digestion, absorption, innovation, promotion and conversion of achievements of foreign intelligence introduction into productive forces as soon as possible, for those units which have made significant achievements in intelligence introduction as well as demonstration and extension of results, SAFEA will approve and name these demonstration and extension bases as “National Demonstration and Extension Base for Foreign Intelligence Introduction”.

( By Hu Wendie)