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1st Yellow Catfish Breeding Summit of Central China Held in HZAU

On Mar. 9th, the first Yellow Catfish (Pelteobagrus fulvidraco) Breeding Summit of Central China was held at HZAU. Attendees include Vice President Yao Jianglin, Prof. Gui Jianfang, academician of Institute of Hydrobiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ye Jiangang from Fisheries Bureau of Hubei Province, Yi Ganfeng, President of DA BEI NONG GROUP. Over 300 franchisers, group delegates and farmers also participated in the forum.

On the opening ceremony, Vice President Yao Jianglin gave a welcoming speech. First, he congratulated on the successful opening of the summit and introduced HZAU from the aspects of its long history, profound cultural background and beautiful campus. Then he expressed the commitment to providing help and support to transfer scientific results into product. He wished the success of the forum in the end of his speech. After that, Prof. Gui Jianfang showed his expectation of further progress on the new variety of yellow catfish developed by HZAU as it is cultivated through years of cross-breeding and selective breeding and has demonstrated excellent growth characteristics.

Prof. Fan Qixue signed a cooperative agreement with Yi Ganfeng on developing technological mechanism of selective breeding Yellow Catfish. In this agreement, DA BEI NONG GROUP will, while promoting the new variety Huangyou No. 1, invest 1million RMB to continue its selective breeding of varieties with more traits and to carry out researches on feed formulation, disease prevention and control as well as cultivating technology development to make synchronized upgrade in fry and feed so as to promote the healthy development of the industry.

After the signing ceremony, Prof. Fan Qixue introduced the new variety Huangyou in which attendees show great interest. Prof. Yi Ganfeng introduced “Internet+aquatic product” mode in DA BEI NONG, a one-stop platform built to provide multiple information channels and facilitate the sales of fry and fish, thus promoting the fish farming industry. It has made it possible for breeding technique sharing, big data analysis on cultivating trend, smart management, online diagnosis of fish diseases and market analysis.

Later, a launching ceremony of Central-China Yellow Catfish Breeding Model Innovation Competition was held to encourage farmers to explore new modes of fish breeding so as to improve yellow catfish breeding .

Huangyou No.1 is the major breakthrough in crossbreeding of yellow catfish lead by Prof. Fan Qixue. Traditional yellow catfish have such defects as discrepancy in size, low growth speed and disease resistance. The new variety, while preserving the merits of its parents, also demonstrates other advantages including high growth speed, high resistance to adversity, strong immunity and beautiful shape. Since its debut, it has earned credit from both the industry and customers.

(By Lei Xue)