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HZAU New Media Alliance Goes into CCNU to Discuss New Media Development

On the afternoon of May 3, organized by HZAU New Media Center, 15 New Media Alliance (NMA) members went into Central China Normal University (CCNU) to discuss the construction and development of new media with members of New Media and Public Opinion Center of CCNU.

Cao Shisheng and Liu Zhiqiang, teachers in charge of New Media and Public Opinion Center of CCNU, received NMA members of HZAU. They conducted in-depth exchanges on maintenance of the vitality of new media, active implementation of offline activities, mobilization of the enthusiasm of new media team and improvement of new media talent cultivation mechanism and new media content production. Cao said that teachers and students of CCNU adhere to the idea: offline activities don’t have to immediately achieve good results, but going out is the only way to increase their exposure. Then, teachers and students can know these activities, and the presence of new media can be increased. He also said that new media members should go out and see the outside world in order to refresh ideas.

NMA members also visited the museum and history museum of CCNU. With profound historical foundation, the museum houses varieties of exquisite collections including bronze, jade, paintings and calligraphy, coins and so on. The docents of history museum introduced CCNU history of inheriting the glorious tradition of past and ushering in the new future to NMA members in detail.

Feng Ling, an outstanding student and HZAU official microblog operator said that: “The event opened a window onto the new media operation for us. And the collision and communication of ideas between fraternal institutions made us reap new ideas and epiphanies.”

This was the third activity for quality growth plan of new media carried out by HZAU, aiming at learning experience of new media operation from other colleges and universities and comprehensively enhancing the level of HZAU new media operation.

Tr. by Xing Congbo