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HZAU Associate Professor Reports in the 6th AFSC

On December 3 to 5, the associate professor of our College of Food Science, Xie Dingyuan, participated in the Sixth Asian Food Study Conference held in Japan upon invitation. He made a special academic report on "The Connotation of Environmental Food Science and the Research Progress on Dietary Regional Characteristics of Chinese Residents", and took the podium of the special topic forum as a member of the Academic Committee of the Asian Food Study Conference.

It is reported that the Conference was jointly organized by Ritsumeikan University, Japan National Museum of Ethnology and Zhejiang Gongshang University. The theme of the Conference is “Communication of Food Culture - Past, Present and Future - to Explain the Driving Force of Asian Dietary Culture from the Perspective of Communication". Over 200 experts and scholars from 18 countries including Japan, China, the United States, France, South Korea, Russia attended the Conference.

In his report, Xie Dingyuan expounded the concept and research content of the emerging interdisciplinary environmental food science, and reported on the research progress of characteristics of Chinese regional cuisine flavor and contemporary residents' dietary structure in different regions of China via the method of combining arts with science, linking large data with field sampling analysis, and interdisciplinary studies. His report is highly praised by the participating experts. And some experts praised the groundbreaking quantitative research methods of regional food characteristics proposed by him for setting up the foundation for the establishment of the geographical environment dietary characteristics database.

Tr. by Xiong Ying