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Prof. Fei Peng Delivers Report on Micro-structure of Life from View of Microscope Technology

On the morning of April 27th, Prof. Fei Peng from Huazhong University of Science and Technology made a report entitled “High-resolution Multidimensional Imaging of All-tissues Based on Light-sheet Illumination”. Prof. Chen Zhenxia, from College of Life Science and Technology, chaired the report.

Prof. Fei firstly introduced the advantages of optical microscopic imaging. Optical microscopic imaging can capture information that conventional bio-medical imaging technology can not be captured. Therefore, optical microscopy is an important tool for modern bio-medical research. Prof. Fei emphasized the advantages of multidimensional light-sheet imaging: the light-sheet fluorescence microscope (LSFM) with relatively low photo-toxicity and higher flux scans the sample layer by layer, and the scanning process is akin to that of cutting bread piece by piece, and then it can piece them together with mathematical methods, which can completely restore three-dimensional structure of the sample without damage.

Then, Prof. Fei introduced some innovative methods inspired from light-sheet illumination by his team, such as the multidimensional voxel super-resolution imaging technique with improved flux and the Confocal-Bessel-Brain light sheet fluorescence microscopy with increased resolution. In addition, in order to resolve the issues such as the bulk volume of equipment and affordability, and make the population of multidimensional optical microscopy imaging technology in more biological laboratories, his team actively develops additional devices of light sheet based on conventional microscopes, and achieves advanced multidimensional optical imaging on inverted microscopes and other traditional microscopes. “Technology should be popularized and driven by the demand. Our team, focusing on the development of LSM, is aimed to better serve bio-medical research with innovative methods, and look for the cooperation with HZAU in bio-medical application.” Prof. Fei said.

This report is the 9th “Frontiers in Integrative Biology” Forum which aims to provide a platform for the researchers in different areas of biology to communicate and cooperate with each other.

Tr. by Zou Xiaofang