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Prof. Zhu Xinguang Guests at "Agriculture-Rural Areas-Farmers" Forum

On Dec. 5, 2016, Prof. Zhu Xinguang, researcher from the Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences (SIBS) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), guested at "Agriculture-Rural Areas-Farmers" Forum held by the College of Plant Science & Technology (CPST), and gave a special report entitled "Theory and Practice of High-yield and High-efficiency Crops under Globalization". Cao Cougui, Dean of the CPST and over 100 teachers and students participated in the report.

Prof. Zhu elaborated on photosynthesis system model of his team. By importing related parameters of foliage into the model, the optimum condition for photosynthesis and adaptability to the condition can be predicted . And high-intensity photosynthesis will increase crop yield.Therefore, the model can help increase yield via determining the best photosynthetic condition in crop production processand, meanwhile, has great theoretical significance on the improvement of crop genes. "Our team has carried out model feasibility verification on a variety of crops. The measurement of canopy photosynthesis/ transpiration meter showed that the experimental data were consistent with the predicted results, which proved the feasibility of the model." Prof. Zhu said.

Prof. Zhu also introduced the widely concerned C4 rice. High-yield C4 rice could be developed by the use of C4 carbon sequestration. He expressed that at present, however, the development of C4 rice is still in its infancy , for which a considerable time and effort is needed.

After his report, Prof. Peng Shaobing,expert of “Thousand Talents Plan”, exchanged views with him on the effects of night temperature on rice yield.

Tr. by Zou Xiaofang