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“Foreign Student-farmers” in HZAU’s Cropland

On the afternoon of April 7, 2017, six international graduates from the College of Plant Science & Technology of HZAU were seeding, together with Chinese graduates, in the maize experimental field of HZAU. All of these 6 foreign students are from Pakistan or Egypt.

Prof. Dong Wubei instructed six foreign students in farm work in the maize experimental field of HZAU

"Foreign student-farmers "and Chinese students are working in the field in Straw Hats

"Foreign student-farmers "are riding bicycles for relaxation on campus after the farm work

Amba (Left) from Pakistan was conducting an experiment with Fasi from Egypt

Reading papers

These international graduates shouldered their hoes, just like real farmers, and went to work in the 200-square-meters experimental field guided by Prof. Dong Wubei from the College of Plant Science & Technology of HZAU.

Fasi and Abbas, from Egypt and Pakistan respectively, were good partners with Fasi digging up the soil and Abbas sowing the seed. They coordinated tacitly.

“We six foreign students are not novices, but experienced farmers, for we all have farmlands in our homelands,” said Armand in fluent Chinese. He is from Pakistan, while four-year’s study in HZAU contributes to the fluency of his Chinese. Speaking of farming, “Big Beard” said sentimentally that he used to work for the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) of Pakistan for 6 years and this summer he would return to homeland, “I intend to go back to work for the MOA, and apply what I have learned in China to Pakistan’s agricultural development.”

Amba, from Pakistan, the only female among them told the reporter that there was a grave scarcity of agricultural talents in her country, so she deliberately chose the current major when she was filling out the application form for university. She was carefully watering the soil and said “These seedlings are my treasures. So of course I need to treat them well.” Amba introduced that her major was Plant Pathology, which focuses on disease-resistant mechanism and genes of plant. When the maize seedlings in this field grow to a certain height, she will re-examine them to test their disease resistance.

(By Hu Wendie)