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Two Experts from CAS Guest on Frontier Forum on Microbiology

On the morning of April 26th, Prof. Wang Yingchun from the Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and Prof. Ge Feng from the Institute of Hydrobiology of CAS guested on the frontier forum on microbiology at HZAU, giving reports respectively titled “Functional Proteomics Study of Carbon Flow Regulation of Cyanobacteria in Different Nutrition Models” and “Proteogenomics and Its Application: Cyanobacteria as a Test Case”.

At the beginning, Prof. Wang said that his laboratory is engaged with the research on protein post-translational modification and quantitative proteomics, and explained common techniques of proteomics, including protein identification, protein quantification and protein modification. Subsequently, taking synechocystis as an example, he described the biological significance of the pentose phosphate pathway (OPP) in carbon metabolism of cyanobacteria. The OPP pathway has significant biological functions for synechocystis in the process of anti-oxidation and long-term adaptation in a low temperature because it can provide more NADPH than glycolytic pathway does.

Then, Prof. Ge explained the definitions of proteomics and proteogenomics based on the draft map of human proteome published in 2014 and further illustrated the significance of proteogenomics. Analyzing the cyanobacteria’s proteogenomics, his team identified 92.2% of all the predicted protein-coding genes of cyanobacteria and corrected 38 predicted gene-coding regions. And they identified 118 previously unidentified proteins and 23 different kinds of posttranslational modifications including succinylation that has an important regulatory effect in photosynthesis. The research results include a complete platform for studying and analyzing proteogenomics and a GAPP protein genome software which can produce a systematic analysis of post-translational protein modification at a full proteomic level.

(By Zhu Jingjing)