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HZAU Holds Exchange Activity of Volunteer Teaching Services

On May 25, an exchange activity of volunteer teaching services, themed “Gathering the Light of Volunteer, Seeking the Fragrance of Peach Orchard”, was held at Huazhong Agricultural University. It was hosted by the College of Horticulture & Forestry Sciences of HZAU and attended by instructors and volunteers from the graduate volunteer teaching teams from six universities in Wuhan, including HZAU, Central China Normal University (CCNU), Wuhan University of Technology (WUT), Zhongnan University of Economics and Law (ZUEL), South-central University For Nationalities (SCUEC), and Hubei University of Technology (HUT).

“Based on the goal of building sound environment and beautiful life, we will continue to firmly stand with the country and serve the people.” During the gathering, with a focus on the plan of achieving shared benefits through consultation and collaboration for building community gardens, Xiang Zhiyan, deputy leader of HZAU Zhangyu service team introduced that the service team had leveraged its advantages to innovate models of volunteer services and shared its experience on the conduction of a community service in a greening project. In 2010, Zhang Yu, a student of HZAU, sacrificed his life for saving his drowning companion. To carry forward this self-less spirit, the university established a service team named after him next year. In 2021, the team was selected as one of the first pilot projects of “Creating Better Communities Together” of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League. The team has served over 30,000 people for over 41,000 hours.

“As young volunteers, we’ll follow the volunteer spirit and apply it into practice, always be ready to help others, do beneficial deeds to accumulate daily kindness into great love, demonstrating the charm of youth in the new journey”, said Liu Yu from WUT during the discussion. Then representatives from HZAU and the College of Marxism of CCNU exchanged their ideas on the development and planning of young volunteers.

After the activity, at the peach orchard of HZAU, participants picked and delivered peaches to volunteer teaching service teams in 23 places. “We’ll deliver our love and greetings to kids in remote regions and continue to provide volunteer services for more people in need.” Huang Yingle, a member of the team from SCUEC.


Translated by: He Fan

proofread by: Fu Shipeng

Supervised by: Xie Lujie