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HZAU Promotes One Health with UC Davis

On May 11, HZAU and scholars from the University of California, Davis, initiated a series of events, including the One Health epidemiology course, the International Conference on Pet Health Scientific Innovations and Veterinary Education, and a range of bilateral academic seminars and student exchange activities.

During the One Health epidemiology course, which took place from May 12 to 23, a professional team of five instructors from HZAU, including Professor Guo Aizhen, cooperated with six leading epidemiologists from UC Davis, such as Bennie I. Osburn and Bruno Chomel, to taught students about the practical applications of the One Health concept in infectious disease prevention and control. Delivered in online and offline format, the course explored how zoonoses and selective agricultural factors like seasonal changes can affect One Health, with the focus on disease surveillance, diagnosis, and epidemiological data analysis. Through studying interactive case studies and projects, participants deepened their understanding of One Health and learned to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world problems. The course concluded on May 23. Liu Xingbin, secretary of the College of Animal Science & Technology and College of Veterinary Medicine’s Party Committee, attended the closing ceremony and awarded certificates to the HZAU instructors.

Opening Ceremony of the International Conference on Pet Health Scientific Innovations and Veterinary Education (Photo/ Hou Guotao)

During the event, HZAU also hosted the International Conference on Pet Health Scientific Innovations and Veterinary Education, which focused on “One Health” and featured over 100 academic presentations. The conference explored topics such as clinical veterinary education, talent development, and new techniques in clinical veterinary medicine. Special sessions included international clinical veterinary education, pet internal medicine and exotic pets, pet surgery, imaging, anesthesia, international pet health innovation research and technological achievements, and the pet hospital directors forum, all discussing the future development of pet health.

“One Health and Veterinary Medicine” International Exchange Tea Reception(Photo/ Yang Ganyi Ruo)

On May 17, HZAU and UC Davis held bilateral academic seminars and faculty-student meetings, focusing on clinical veterinary medicine and epidemiology. These activities aimed to promote in-depth exchanges and cooperation between the faculty and students of both universities in these fields.

Awarding Certificates (Photo/ Luo Ruiyan)

As a world-renowned public research university, the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine is highly esteemed in fields such as animal health, public health, and biomedical research. The collaboration between HZAU and UC Davis will enhance exchanges and cooperation in One Health education, jointly promoting the advancement of global public health.


Translated by: Sun Ying

Proofread by: Zhu Kaiyue

Supervised by: Xie Lujie