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A Talk between HZAU Scientists and Kids

“I like puppies, but my parents believe that puppies carry viruses and parasites that cause infections in humans. So how can I prevent those diseases?” “What exactly is zoonosis?” “I love science a lot, what can I do now?”…Did you have these puzzles when you were young?

Recently, HZAU’s professors, Chen Huanchun and Jin Meilin, members of Chinese Academy of Engineering had a science talk with eight pupils (Cao Juqian, Xu Yumo, Hu Jiayue, Zhang Yichu, Zhang Zimeng, Han Yihao, Liu Yuyu, and Zou Liheng) from the Primary School Affiliated to HZAU. These students were all interested in animal science, and this event provided an opportunity for them to interact with scientists.

From animal science to zoonosis and human life, Prof. Chen and Jin answered the kids’ questions patiently and had an in-depth discussion with them. which would be helpful to inspire the youth to think and act like scientists.

At the end, the two pupils, Hu and Han presented portrait paintings they had made to Prof. Chen and Jin. In return, they gave the popular science book Future Genius to the eight students as gifts. Chen and Jin also signed the book and wrote some encouraging words.

Two students present portrait paintings to Prof. Chen and Prof. Jin  (Photo/Zhao Ping)

The scientists encouraged present students to be diligent, curious and and more engaged in science. They are also expected to seize the day to advance national prosperity through science.

The eight students also visited Herbarium of Veterinary Medicine, Surgical Laboratory and other labs of HZAU. During the visit, they can gain an overview about where the scientists work and how they work.

Lin Hongwei, the Party branch secretary of the School, said that this event not only offered an opportunity for the students to develop their scientific thinking but also was a practice of comprehensive education. The talk with scientists would inspire the students to explore and strive. It will illuminate a whole new world of possibility and insight.


Translated by: Chen Lin

Proofread by: Huang He

Supervised by: Guo Haiyan