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Embracing the World with Art: HZAU Holds 2024 Shishan Art Festival

On May 25, the opening ceremony of the 2024 Shishan Art Festival was held at the Student Center Theater. It’s a balmy summer night and all things radiate with a vibrant vigor. People gathered at the square to appreciate the installation “Art Forest” crafted by students and faculty using branches broken by the freezing rain. Gao Chi, party secretary of HZAU, delivered the opening speech. Attendees also included Deputy Party Secretary Wang Congyan, Vice President Yang Shaobo, Vice President Yan Jianbing, Department Head Li Xiangdong, along with representatives from departments and colleges.

Prof. Gao Chi delivers the opening speech [photo/Gao Wanru]

The opening ceremony attracts large amounts of audience [photo/ Gao Yanxi]

In the opening remarks, Gao stressed the importance of art as it expresses the emotions and promote culture inheritance. Be it music, dance, or drama, art is the source of inspiration. Art has a unique ability to forge connections, fostering shared experience and creating last memories.

Moreover, he highlighted the crucial role of art in life, growth, and university life.

The reason why HZAU holds the art festival every year after the book festival is that art not only enriches campus life but also enlightens and shapes our mentality, Gao Chi explained. Art exerts the most enduring influence on one’s life and growth, as it can purify mind, cultivate character, and broad our perspectives and thinking. It’s an indispensable part of youth, a tool to relieve stress, a cradle of innovation, and a carrier of culture.

Gao stated that the Shishan Art Festival is a platform that offers well-rounded education and fosters harmonious teacher-student relationship. He called on everyone to partake in the festival to appreciate, experience and create beauty, thus showcasing their talents and exchanging ideas. All students and teachers will be supported and encouraged to participate in or organize artistic activities, and to learn and carry forward literary or artistic classics. The original artworks that recorded the treasured memories of youth at HZAU were especially encouraged, for they can show the charm and strength of art better and can inject more artistic vitality into HZAU. With these works, a more supportive, diverse and vibrant campus climate will be offered to everyone.

The opening ceremony also unveiled the main projects of the 2024 Shishan Art Festival, “Art Forest”. Faculty and students reviewed the preceding serial activities of art in a video and knew how students and teachers crafted the main artwork.

With “Art Forest” as its theme, the 2024 Shishan Art Festival will span a month and features a diverse array of over 50 exceptional artistic events. These events are designed to show everyone the charm of art and encourage them to be receptive to different cultures and to appreciate the classics both at home and abroad, thus boosting artistic creation. Together, they would venture into an artistic realm where creativity flourishes and art shines in all its glory.

After the opening ceremony, The melodious songs of choirs from 14 colleges inaugurated this art festival. Accompanied by the vibrant melody of the piano, the dulcet singing enchanted all the attendees on this pleasant summer night.

Choir from the College of Horticulture & Forestry Sciences [photo/ Dai Zhuang]

Choir from the College of Economics and Management [photo/Yu Jiayong]

Choir from the College of Animal Science and College of Veterinary Medicine[photo/ Gao Wanru]

The College of Horticulture & Forestry Sciences claimed the championship in this competition. The College of Economics and Management and the College of Animal Science and and College of Veterinary Medicine won the second prizes. The accolades continued with the College of Plant Science & Technology, College of Food Science and Technology, and the College of Chemistry securing the third prizes.


Translated by: Zhu Mengjiao

Proofread by: Dong Wenli

Supervised by: Guo Haiyan