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HZAU Adds Four New Joint Programs with LU

Recently, the Joint Institute of Huazhong Agricultural University and Lincoln University, a new Transnational Education (TNE) initiative at the undergraduate level and above, has been approved by the China’s Ministry of Education. The institute is not endowed with any legal personality since it is affiliated with HZAU and operates as a Sino-Foreign TNE cooperation institution.

On June 2, 2023, Prof. Gao Chi, the Party Secretary of the HZAU, met with the delegation led by Damian Lodge, Deputy Vice-Chanceller of LU. (Photo/ Jiang Chaochang)

In alignment with the major national strategies and the needs of local economic development, it is the first approved Sino-foreign TNE cooperation institute at HZAU. Additionally, it is designed to develop top-notch innovative talents with devotion to our country, global outlook, innovative spirits, and the ability to put ideas into practice through the win-win integration of different competitive disciplines and platforms of both Universities.

The institute offers three undergraduate programs: Agro-forestry Economics and Management, Ecology, and Horticulture Sciences, as well as a Master’s program in Resources and Environment. The undergraduate programs are poised to launch in 2024, with a planned enrollment of 230 students from Hubei, Hunan, Anhui, Henan, Hebei, Shandong, Zhejiang, Guangxi and other provinces. The joint “4+0” program allows students who have satisfied all the standards to be awarded a joint bachelor’s degree from HZAU and Lincoln University (LU).

On May 30, 2023, Gao met with the delegation from LU (photo/ Chuan Zhu).

On October 7, 2022, Prof. Li Zhaohu, the President of HZAU, signed a cooperation agreement with LU online (photo/ Jiang Chaochang).

The past few years have witnessed extended cooperation and ongoing exchanges between HZAU and LU. In this context, pragmatic and fruitful collaborations have been established in talent training, scientific research and cultural exchanges.

In October 2023, HZAU’s delegation visited LU. (Photo / the Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges)

Members of the delegation visit vineyard and winery in LU. (Photo/ Gao Chi)

The delegation from LU visits HZAU. (Photo / the Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges)

Mr. Lodge and his delegation visits the experimental base of HZAU. (Photo / the Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges)

Tracy Filipo (Project Manager of LU) and Kristen Yang (Senior Business Analyst) visited HZAU for further exchanges. (Photo / the Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges)

As the oldest agricultural teaching institution in the Southern Hemisphere, LU of New Zealand is a small-sized research university that boasts practical learning focus, distinctive disciplines and prominent strengths in key disciplines, and enjoys a global reputation. It retained its global position in the top 20 (17th in 2022) of the QS World University Rankings for small-sized universities. Besides, its high employment rate that remained the highest of all the New Zealand universities in 2021 also earned itself 48th position by the QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2023.


Translated by: Yan Xin

Proofread by: Xia Xinyi

Supervised by: Guo Haiyan