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Enjoying Fun of Labour in Fishery Culture Festival

Recently, the 7th HZAU Fishery Culture Festival kicked off at the aquaculture base and Shizishan Square simultaneously. A variety of events were held, including fish-catching, angling, fish feast, and aquascape contest as well as other fishery cultural and creative activities.
At the fish-catching competition, bursts of cheers and shouts fill the fishpond, while at the fishing competition, everybody is in peace. Sitting around the pool, anglers finish all the steps “in one take”: baiting the hook, casting the line, waiting for a bite and then setting the hook. “Sizzling...” at the aquatic food cookhouse, ingredients are put into the wok one by one. Then come various dishes made of fish with different flavours: Poached Fish in Chili Oil, Golden Soup Lemon Fish, Pan-Fried Saury and Steamed Bass... The public judges are even unwilling to move away, all giving thumbs-up.
“The Aquascape Contest now begins!” after the announcement, group members get straight to team working. Some wash rocks, gravels and stones, some arrange wood, and others help prepare water plants...Everyone is trying to give full play to their imagination and creativity to construct an underwater world in their heart. Teachers from the College of Fisheries and College of Animal Sciences & Technology are invited to evaluate their presentations and give comments. Finally, “Descending”, a team work from the above two colleges, wins the first prize. “We designed two tunnels in the aquascape, with one being an open-cut tunnel and the other being a hidden tunnel,” said one of the designers of this craftwork, Li Jiacheng, “which symbolizes that we can find brightness and strength by seeking laws and hope from voids.”
The demonstration area for cultural and creative products of fishery is filled with a multitude of artworks: snapshots of fishes cosily swimming under the water, paintings showing them jumping out of the water, velvet flowers depicting fishes frolicking in yellow water weeds, or wire craft shaped into a magnificent whale fall. At the experience zone, there are Gyotaku colour printing, painted clay figures, award quiz competition, science popularization given by the blue elves volunteer team and others. All these activities have drawn crowds of staff members, their families and children.
The Fishery Culture Festival has become a featured event of HZAU. “It is one of the serial activities celebrating the 50th anniversary of the College of Fisheries,” officials from the college introduced, “Following the principle of all-round education,  this event has offered both students and faculties the joy of labour, and an opportunity to digest the aesthetics of life and the charm of fishery culture.”

Translated by Yu Xianqin