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HZAU Holds a Special Meeting on Promoting High-Quality Sci-Tech Innovation

Special meeting (photo/ Peng Yuge)

On Nov. 11, HZAU held a special meeting on science and technology work. The meeting emphasized the importance to focus on national needs, be more mission-orientated, strengthen organized scientific research and promote the deep integration of personal exploration and organized scientific research, so as to boost high-quality scientific and technological innovation. Yao Jianglin, Vice President of HZAU, addressed the meeting. The participants included relevant directors and research secretaries from Academy of Science and Technology Development, Department of Finance and Asset Management and other colleges.

Yao stressed that we should earnestly implement the guiding principles of the 20th CPC National Congress, further strengthen the organized scientific research, and enhance the consciousness and initiative to accelerate the realization of high-level self-reliance and strength in science and technology, thereby comprehensively improving the capacity for independent innovation. He proposed the following requirements for future work:

Firstly, adhering to the “four orientations” and carrying out organized scientific research. We will leverage the advantage of the new whole nation system, and strive to promote the transformation of scientific research organizations from passive to active planning, research tasks from interest-oriented to mission-oriented, the implementation of research tasks from PI system to innovation team system, and the solution of practical problems from individual bubbling to collaborative innovation, so that the scientific and technological strength of HZAU can be gathered to fulfill great accomplishments.

Secondly, striving to train talents for the Party and the country. We should insist on regarding science and technology as our primary productive force, talents as our primary resource, and innovation as our primary driver of growth. HZAU will endeavor to strengthen the working mechanism that connects the development of first-class innovators with major national scientific and technological tasks, enhance the resource construction of scientific research education, and support high-quality talents development with high-level scientific research.

Thirdly, continuing to take the lead in agricultural scientific and technological innovation. Under the innovation-driven development strategy, HZAU will focus on the frontier hot spots of agricultural science and technology, the bottleneck of key core technologies, the sore points of industrial transformation and upgrading, and the difficulties in rural construction and development, and realize the deep integration of personal exploration and organized scientific research. All this will bear witness to HZAU’s scientific and technological achievements, platforms, teams and organizations of first class, and becoming the vanguard of the national strategic scientific and technological forces.
Fourthly, adopting a goal-oriented approach to scientifically study and assess the current situation, tasks and challenges. HZAU will deepen the reform of science and technology management mechanism, optimize the organization system, talent system, platform system and support system in scientific and technological innovation, whole-heartedly building a scientific and technological innovation system with HZAU characteristics.

Fifthly, adopting a problem-oriented approach. Under the principle of “constructing the country, serving the society, cultivating talents and benefiting people”, HZAU should focus on national strategies such as food security, rural revitalization, green development, the health and safety of people, as well as the strategic needs of Hubei Province to build a national pilot zone for building a new pattern of development. By doing so we can clarify the main directions of scientific research in various fields.

Finally, adopting a contribution-oriented approach to strengthen the overall planning and coordination of the allocation of scientific and technological innovation resources, and direct resources to achieve the strategic goal. Focusing on the main direction in science and technology, HZAU will explore project supporting methods such as “open competition mechanisms”, “horse racing system”, “targeted selection of the best” and “post-subsidy” to strengthen the stable support for talent teams undertaking strategic scientific and technological tasks, so as to continuously produce high-quality scientific and technological achievements to meet the national strategic needs.

Translated by: Liu Yixuan