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2022 Smart Agriculture Industry-Education-Research Eco-Summit Kicks off at HZAU

Opening ceremony (photo by Duan Dinghua, Kung Min)

On Jan. 5, the opening ceremony of the 2022 Smart Agriculture Industry-Education-Research Eco-Summit was held online and offline at Huazhong Agricultural University, under the theme of "Smart Agriculture for Rural Revitalization, Joint Promotion of Modern Agricultural Industry.” The important participants include Professor Zhang Qifa (academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences), Researcher Zhao Chunjiang (academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering), Zhang Zhenhua (deputy director of the Science and Education Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs), Lin Jinan (deputy editor-in-chief of Higher Education Press) and Professor Yan Jianbing (vice president of HZAU). The opening ceremony was presided over by Professor Zhu Longfu, dean of the College of Plant Science & Technology of HZAU.

Zhang Zhenhua gives remarks (photo by Kuang Min)

In his speech, Zhang Zhenhua said that the CPC Central Committee has made a comprehensive layout to promote intelligent agriculture from the strategic height of accelerating the modernization of agriculture and rural areas. Smart agriculture becomes indispensable to achieve modernization in agriculture and rural areas as it transforms and upgrades agriculture, and improves agricultural quality, efficiency and competitiveness. Zhang concluded that this event is an opportunity for them to jointly shape the future of the Industry-Education-Research cooperation in smart agriculture by modernizing the industrial chain and upgrading the industrial foundation. These concrete actions will write a wonderful chapter in the development of modern smart agriculture with Chinese characteristics.

Yan Jianbing gives a welcome speech. (photo by Cai Wentao)

On behalf of HZAU, Yan Jianbing, in his welcome speech,  said that General Secretary Xi Jinping points out in the Report to the 20th National Congress of the CPC that China will move faster to build up its strength in agriculture by reinforcing the foundations for food security on all fronts, and supporting the development of agricultural science, technology, and equipment, to ensure that China's food supply remains firmly in its own hands. As the main direction of modern agricultural development, smart agriculture is essential to ensure rural revitalization and national food security. On top of that, Yan said the founding purpose of promoting agriculture has made HZAU into what it is now and HZAU shoulders the responsibility to cultivate students and develop agriculture as required. In different stages of historical development, HZAU has always kept in mind its original aspiration and founding mission by continuously optimizing its specialty structure, adjusting its discipline layout, and improving its ability to promote agriculture.
In 2020, HZAU was the first to establish the first batch of undergraduate majors related to smart agriculture in China. In September this year, HZAU built the College of Intelligent Agriculture with the commitment to cultivating champions in "smart breeding", "smart plant protection", "smart farming", "smart gardening", "smart fishery" and "smart production." Yan stands ready to joints hands with all the participants to together paint a beautiful picture of strong agriculture and beautiful rural areas where farmers can lead a prosperous life.

Lin Jin’an releases smart agriculture textbooks.

On behalf of the Higher Education Press, Lin Jinan released the first series of smart agriculture textbooks. He said that these new types of textbooks aim to meet the new needs of the current higher education in agriculture and to support the construction of new specialties in smart agriculture and talent training. Therefore, the textbooks are an important part to construct the new agricultural sciences in the new era and serve as a guide for formulating more textbooks in agriculture and forestry. The Press will work with college teachers across China to compile, publish and use agricultural textbooks, contributing to the innovative development of higher education in agriculture and forestry and cultivating new types of talents.
This high-level summit witnessed 28 special reports from both online and offline experts, scholars, and entrepreneurs. Meanwhile, HZAU will conduct a signing ceremony for the smart agriculture strategic cooperation with Nottingham Trent University in the UK, hold a national seminar on smart agriculture talent training and professional construction, and organize activities such as the smart agriculture creative competition "Accurate Traceability of Agricultural Products." As of Nov. 5, more than 30,000 live stream views are made.

Translated by: Deng Yuxiang
Supervised by: Jin Bei