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Experience gym workout & Unleash enthusiasm and energy

Nanhu News: On the morning of October 21st, while the track and field is in full swing in the East Sports Ground, the 61st sports carnival is kicking off simultaneously on the basketball court next to it. A hit is outdoor mini gym, where anyone can have a go with those exercise equipment and break a sweat.

Spin bike (Photo/Correspondent Chen Yi)

“Burn my calories!” With the dynamic music and cheerful rhythm, several spin bikes, commonly known as the “fat-burning bomb”, come into view. Teachers and students stand on the pedals, riding passionately to the beat.

At the beginning, they feel easy, but as the music rhythms are getting faster, they feel hard to continue. Gradually, their foreheads’ veins stand out, and faces turn red,  covered with sweat. “This is my first time to experience spinning and it’s amazing. The rhythm of the live music makes the item more dynamic and enjoyable than pedaling monotonously”, Xiong Zhimin, a student from College of Animal Science and Technology, says. Three dynamic items, spin bike, street dance and fat reduction exercise, ignite people’s passion.
On the other side of court, the strength training equipment also attracts many people. Balance boards, both sides utilized balls (BOSU), calf fascia stretchers, VIPR, dumbbells, kettlebells and many other pieces of equipment are very popular. Cui Yuqing, a student from College of Life Science and Technology, says with a big smile: “What fun it is! It is a novel, relaxing and immersive experience, and you can learn a lot from it. You can learn in playing!”

Nor far away, a group of people are learning VIPR under the guidance of professional teachers: squatting, half-squatting, lifting up… “These training not only can improve people’s coordination and explosive power but also will enhance our cardiopulmonary function”

Boxing (Photo/Ni Caihua, reporter of Student News Agency)

Now, let’s have a look at the mixed martial arts item. Each group involves two players with one attacking and the other defending. “Thunk, thunk, thunk...”, the powerful impact of the punch draws cheers from the ringside audience. This item can exercise our explosive power, coordination and sensitivity, strengthen core stability and promote overall physical fitness.

Battling rope (Photo/Correspondent ChenYi)

The battling rope item brings the atmosphere to a climax. Teachers and students roll up their sleeves, clasp the black ropes in both hands, and lean forward slightly to stand firmly. They use all the strength to shake the ropes through the air in great waves with clenched teeth and tightened brows. Three moves, “drumming”, “driving the carriage” and “alternating waves”, make them exhausted and breathless in a short time. Battling rope is an interval aerobic exercise with a continuous high-intensity process, which can help people get in shape and keep fit.

In addition to the high-intensity gym items, there are two more moderate items - the physical fitness tester and rehabilitation training. Once standing on the tester, it will automatically generate the scientific data of the testee’s body, including that of muscle, fat, skeletal muscle composition, moisture, protein and other body composition, so that the testees can better know their physical condition.

Meanwhile, professional therapists are on site to take the people to do rehabilitation training. People tend to get unhealthy postures if they always sit for a long time, write or do experiments with their heads down, as is the way with teachers and students. Rehabilitation training can relax muscles and effectively correct postures. “I feel very relaxed, which is a good way to relieve the fatigue in the study. I’m also involved in other items, which are diverse and fun, making me want to explore the unknown and tap the potential of myself”, Zhao Zhiyun, a student form College of Technology, says.

Yang Wenlong, the instructor, says, “‘Physical fitness is the capital of the revolution.’ Only with a healthy body can we better devote ourselves to study, work and life. This interactive experience is to let everyone have fun, better understand sports fitness, establish the concept of healthy life and turn exercise into a habit.”

Whether they are children, college students or faculty, everyone actively participates in various items in the apparatus sports ground. Their faces are full of smiles and the cheers are constant, forming a harmonious atmosphere of joy.
 (Student News Agency reporters: Qu Xinyue, Liu Yifan and Chen Junrui)

Translated by: Wang Yuxuan
Supervised by: Wang Xiaoyan