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HZAU Self-developed Orchard Transport Displayed in MARA-sponsored “Decade-long Sannong Development –Exhibition of Achievements in Agriculture and Rural Areas in New Era”

To welcome the upcoming 20th CPC National Congress, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (MARA) held the “Decade-long Sannong Development –Exhibition of Achievements in Agriculture and Rural Areas in New Era” in Beijing on October 13th. The fundamental changes and historic achievements in China’s agricultural and rural reform and development in the past decade, under the scientific guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, were showcased in the forms of pictures, physical objects and exhibits.

HZAU’s self-developed orchard transport is exhibited. (Photoed by Zhou Hongliang)

The sliding contact-line orchard transport, self-developed by the team of Professor Li Shanjun from College of Engineering of HZAU, appeared in the unit “Agricultural production mode entering a new stage dominated by mechanization”, becoming one of the few agricultural equipment displayed in physical form.  
To solve the problems of orchard transportation in hilly areas, HZAU’s orchard machinery research team has successively created the traction-type, self-propelled and sliding contact-line orchard transport and other types through 15 years of technology innovation and development since 2007. They have developed such equipment from nothing then to sophistication and overcome the difficulty of transporting orchard supplies uphill and fruits downhill. Meanwhile, the track vehicle can also function as a carrier of varied machines used for fertilizing, pesticide, weeding and trimming, constructing a new multifunctional mode of mountain orchard transportation with its major role played by track transport up and down the mountain and its minor role by conveyed machines and tools across the orchard field.

Visitors stop in front of the orchard transport. (Photoed by Zhou Hongliang)

The transportation system of mountain orchards was selected in 2020 as one of the 10 major new equipment in agriculture and rural areas, with its results incubating the founding of Wuhan Ligeng Orchard Machinery Corporation Limited and realizing industrialization. Having been commercially adopted in China’s main citrus producing regions, especially in the Three Gorges Reservoir area, the system effectively increases the production efficiency in mountain orchards, contributing to industry-driven progress in targeted poverty alleviation and rural vitalization.
The exhibition is listed in the 2022 theme exhibitions – “Promote fine traditional Chinese culture, Cultivate core socialist values”, which include the preface “Xi Jinping guiding Sannong development” and five sections – “Bowls of the Chinese people firmly gripped in their own hands”, “High-quality agricultural development advancing to a new level”, “Winning full victory in poverty alleviation”, “Achieving a good beginning in advancing rural vitalization in an all-about way”, “Making major achievements in rural reform”. The exhibition runs until January 31st, 2023.

Translated by Yang Jiazhen
Supervised by Xie Lujie