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Hubei Launches Lead Goose Project at HZAU

The Lead Goose Project was launched at Huazhong Agricultural University on September 26. With joint efforts of provincial, municipal and county governments, Hubei will strive to train 40,000 talents in various rural industries every year, who are expected to form a “Geese Flying Formation” of talent team for rural industry revitalization, so as to provide strong talent support for rural revitalization and agricultural and rural modernization in Hubei.

This year, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the Ministry of Finance initiated the Lead Goose Project. In August, Hubei Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, together with Hubei Provincial Finance Department, issued Implementation Plan of Lead Goose Project for Rural Industry Revitalization in Hubei Province, and designated three national double first-class construction universities including HZAU, SJTU (Shanghai Jiaotong University) and CAU (China Agricultural University) after open tenders nationwide to undertake the Lead Goose Project.

Adhering to the principle of hierarchical promotion, classified implementation and division of labor and cooperation, Hubei will establish a system of education and training that requires province, cities and counties to assume its responsibility, in a bid to improve the training of various talents in rural industries. Each year, the province is expected to train 3,000 top-notch leaders for rural industry revitalization and rural practical talents leaders; the municipal governments are expected to cultivate 8,000 backbone and entrepreneurial talents on the management; counties are expected to foster 30,000 practical talents who are good at production and services.

To this end, integrating the campus team, cooperative enterprises and social resources, HAZU formed a strong team of lecturers, industrial supervisors and entrepreneurship mentors. According to the actual demand of Hubei’s main agricultural industries and cutting-edge agricultural technology, HAZU designs “three integrated” teaching ways, “five categories” core courses and “eight-sphere integrated” training system. By the means of “professional workers plus supervisors”, “professional workers plus industries-assisted” and “professional workers plus technology empowerment”, it will establish more platforms for industry-university-research cooperation, empowering more enterprises with advanced science and technology.

In recent years, Hubei cultivates about 200,000 high-quality farmers, 7500 leaders of rural practical talents, 14,000 farmers with college education and 700 leading workers of agricultural industry by implementing “Four Talent Program”. The talent driving force for rural revitalization has been fully activated, and improve the quality and efficiency of agricultural and rural development.

The Lead Goose Project training base in HZAU was inaugurated and the Lead Goose Project was launched accordingly.

Lead Goose Project Unveiling Ceremony [Photo by Zhou Wen/From People’s Daily Online]


Translated by Li Xiaoqin
Supervised by Jin Bei