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Library Orientation: Explore, Experience and Discover

On Sept.24 and 25, myriads of students of 2022 gathered on the second floor of library, engaging in various orientation activities which aim to help them explore, experience and discover the HAZU library.

“Mission completed!” Zhao Xiaoru and Yang Xinyu, two fresh Environmental Engineering majors from Class 2206, get over the moon when wining their desired prizes on Saturday morning (Sept.24) as they clear the game Exploring Book Mountain, which includes eight tasks to find “treasure”. “Getting to know our library in this way is very interesting, and pretty creative too. Not only do we gain the key to the treasury but also experience the joy of game. We really appreciate the librarians’ thoughtful design,” they said.

Freshmen leave messages on a board (photo/Liu Yiyi)

Exploring Book Mountain is one of the Library’s New Student Orientation activities this year, which consists of eight tasks: Message from Freshmen, Micro-classes, Seat Reservation, Benefiting from Reading, Finding Books with Hints, Borrowing and Returning Books, Exhibition and Searching for Treasury in Journals and Periodicals. After finishing each task, they will earn a badge from the host. Getting five or even more badges means that they pass the game and will get a delicate souvenir while collecting all the badges will win them a set of commemorative prizes. 

Message from a freshman (Photo/Kuang Min)

“Wish to keep passionate as I turn 18. Have fun playing and learning in HZAU!” “Hope to pursue my passion as before. Just do it!” Stepping into the hall on the second floor, many students are attracted by the message wall which is dotted with wish notes written by the freshmen, and they record such precious and unforgettable moments via mobile phones.

A freshman looks at the exhibition attentively (Photo/Kuang Min)

Walking through the “jungle of questions” and the “starry sky of imagination” at Huiya Bookstore on the fifth floor, Yuan Guxin, a freshman of Class 2204 in the College of Fisheries, with furrowed brows, is having a dialogue across time and space with Leonardo da Vinci and Zhang Heng, who was a renowned statesman, astronomer, poet, painter, inventor, engineer, mathematician, philosopher, and cartographer and acclaimed as a Leonardo da Vinci of Han dynasty. Yuan Guxin writes down her thoughts on science and art after the exhibition — “Art pursues beauty while science quests for truth. They seem to be unrelated, but in fact they are both manifestations of human’s creativity. I hope I can actively pursue the truth of science while exploring the beauty of art in this university.”

Freshmen search for “treasury” in the Reading Room (Photo/Kuang Min)

Freshmen look for books on self-service machines (Photo/Kuang Min)

In the last task Searching for Treasury in Journals and Periodicals, Li Xiao from Agricultural Engineering Class 2205 gets into some problems. After obtaining his task card in the Periodicals Reading Room on the fourth floor, he cannot find the journal he is looking for. With the guidance of a librarian, he learns that he needs to check on the self-service machine according to the book request number before completing the rest tasks. After a trial-and-error process, Li becomes more and more skilled at finding what he wants. He said, “The joy of completing the missions derives from the fact that I’ve picked up something new. It is a particularly rewarding experience.”

New students claim reading gifts at the prize counter (Photo/Kuang Min)

“Nearly 600 prizes are handed out on the first day because almost every student has completed all eight tasks. You can feel their strong desire to learn.” Ms Liu Yiyi from the Library’s Office has been on the trot at the prize counter at the Jiashu Café in the library. “Gifts available include HZAU navel orange pies, books, bookmarks of Shishan Reading Festival, book collection tickets, movie tickets and coffee vouchers, as well as the very popular book-shaped cakes, which was jointly designed by the library and Jiashu Café in the hope of bringing students a special experience,” she said.

One type of the reading gifts——book-shaped cakes (Photo/Liu Yiyi)

“How to use Internet library?” “Which database can help you find certain specialized knowledge?” “What should you do if you want to find information in the library when you are off campus?” Students can find the answers to all the library-related questions in a series “Get closer to our library: Resources for you” posted on the library’s WeChat Subscription Account, which has drawn great popularity among students. This series prepared by the library to welcome new students include thirteen topics such as cloud library tour, tips on using Internet library, gaining access to digital literature, a quick start guide on NoteExpress, borrowing and returning of Chaoxing readers and identifying misinformation, etc.

A librarian introduces the library to freshmen (photo/Liu Yiyi)

Led by librarians, many first-year students also learn about the library’s collection resources, space distribution, functional services and related skills and experience the diverse knowledge services and smart library project.

Early in the morning on September 24, Ye Xiaozhao from Aquatic Resources Class 2201 and her roommate cannot wait to rush into the library. She says, “We’ve gotten some basic knowledge of the library during the introductory course. Today, we explore the library in person, which proves to be truly impressing. The rich resources in the library are beyond imagination. Hope we will make good use of this treasure trove of knowledge in the future.”

The person in charge said that in order to formulate a well-designed plan, library staff have gathered to discuss for several times in July. Unlike the activities in 2021 featuring traditional book fair, this year’s orientation activities are more interesting due to the game. What’s more, the prizes are culture-loaded and creative with the elements of HZAU and books. With all these efforts, the Library hopes that freshmen will familiarize themselves with the functions of library as soon as possible so that they will be able to make good use of library resources in their studies, stepping on the path of exploration and progress.

Translated by Yu Xianqin
Supervised by Jin Bei