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Making and Tasting zongzi: Special Activity for Dragon Boat Festival

On the afternoon of May 31, a special activity called “Aroma of zongzi, Celebration of Dragon Boat Festival” was held by the College of Food Science and Technology in the baking workshop of the new engineering building. Xu Xiaoyun, Dean of the College of Food Science and Technology, Xiang Yizhi, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, representatives of foreign students and other students gathered together to enjoy the happy festival.

“Wrap reed leaves” [Photo/Liang Yufei]

“Add glutinous rice” [Photo/Liang Yufei]

“Tie hemp string around zongzi” [Photo/Liang Yufei]

Associate Professor Xie Dingyuan first introduced the nutritive value of zongzi and the efficacy of eating zongzi around Dragon Boat Festival. He said, “Eating zongzi can whet appetite and relieve the symptoms of weight loss in hot summer.” Xu Xiaoyun then shared the new ideas of food nutrition and health. She said people nowadays attach more importance to the nutritive value of food with the development of the society. Backed up by the platform of HZAU and high-quality education resources and based on rich experience in talent training, the College of Food Science and Technology set up a new major called “Food Nutrition and Health” this year. This action conforms to the new trend of the food industry development and the goal of “Outline of the Healthy China 2030 Plan”, which is conducive to the modernization of China’s food industry. Xu Xiaoyun hoped students could understand the status of food as an important carrier of the Great Health industry in order to better serve the national strategy and contribute to the overall upgrade of the food industry.

In the DIY process, shortly after the volunteers demonstrated how to select and clean reed leaves, choose fillings and then wrap a zongzi, the eager participants began to follow suit. All of them made their zongzi with joy and laughter, experiencing the ways of celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival.

While these zongzi were steamed, the aroma of glutinous rice filled the baking workshop. Libere, a student from the College of Food Science and Technology, tasted the zongzi he made and said, “Thanks for organizing such a wonderful activity. In this activity, I learned about the culture of Chinese Dragon Boat Festival, and I hope there will be more activities like this in the future!” The person in charge of the activity said this activity not only enhanced the communication among students and developed the hands-on ability of teachers and students, but also helped the foreign friends feel the charm of Chinese traditional culture and enriched the students’ extracurricular life.

Translated by: Deng Qingqing
Supervised by: Xie Lujie