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Prof. Gao Chi Visits Tarim University and Alumni in Xinjiang

Prof. Gao Chi, Party Secretary of HZAU and his delegation visited Tarim University (TU) and Alar City to promote pairing assistance on Oct. 27. They were respectively received by the leaders of TU and the First Division of Alar City, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps.

Scene from the symposium

Prof. Gao and his delegation attended a symposium on pairing assistance between the two universities in TU. Mr. Zhao Guanghui gave an introduction to TU’s history, contribution and mission, and then expressed his gratitude to HZAU for the support and assistance to TU over the years. Gao spoke highly of TU’s great effors to the stability and prosperity of Xinjiang. He then thanked TU for its help to HZAU during COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan. Gao also conveyed his hope that the two universities could continue to deepen cooperation and exchanges, jointly making progress in talent training, scientific research and international exchanges. On the symposium, Gao and Zhao unveiled the HZAU-TU University Horticulture Research Center.

HZAU delegation at the construction site of new TU campus

Gao and his delegation visited the history museum of TU and new TU campus. They had in-depth and extensive exchanges with representatives of TU on talent cultivation, discipline construction, team building and campus culture fostering. Gao was also invited to give a report entitled “Lands Apart, Sky Shared” for faculty and students of TU.

Group photo of HZAU delegation and alumni

During their stay in TU, Gao and his fellows visited alumni working there and attended the symposium held by the HZAU Alumni Association in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. The alumni shared their work, study and life on the occasion. Then Gao thanked alumni for their efforts and contributions to the construction of TU and Xinjiang and he would always be proud of them. He also warmly welcomed them to come back to alma mater to share their stories in Xinjiang, inspiring students to realize their own potential.

Gao and his delegation also learned about the plan progress of the Alar campus town. They were also invited to attend a symposium held by the Alar City government to exchange views on the campus town construction. Mr. Song Xuri, deputy mayor of Alar city, introduced the campus town from its design, construction progress, quality guarantee measures and funding sources. Gao then reviewed the history and characteristics of HZAU. He said that HZAU would support the green and characteristic development of TU and participate in the construction of the Alar campus town according to its construction plan and the development needs of southern Xinjiang.



Translated by: Liu Shuying

Supervised by:Guo Haiyan