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Doctoral Service Group Helps Build Wuhan as National Food Safety Demonstration City

A team known as HZAU Food Safety Doctoral Service Group launches voluntary education and publicity activities on food safety annually. Comprised by undergraduates and postgraduates from the College of Food Sciences & Technology, this group often carries out voluntary activities around communities, food companies and gourmet business circles, starting from Wuhan and then throughout the country. 
The team, which was intended to hone students’ practical abilities, has blazed a trail and created its own brand with wide-ranging influence in recent years.

Against the background of re-examination of the establishment of Wuhan as National Food Safety Demonstration City (NFSDC), the Doctoral Service Group of HZAU has created new ideas and a better social atmosphere. At present, the doctoral service team (Hubei tour–Wuhan) held a meeting where market supervision departments, communities and food production enterprises discussed with the main team members about the feasible ways to continue to promote food safety through collaborative social efforts.

It is reported that this year, the Municipal Food and Drug Safety Office, the Municipal Administration of Market Supervision and HZAU jointly organized the “Food Safety and Nutrition Campaign in China”. A large number of activities were carried out in Qiaokou, Qingshan and Jiangxia districts to support the reexamination of NFSDC. The members of the doctoral team delivered a series of knowledge on food safety and precautions for production and processing to the citizens and food industry practitioners, which has been unanimously praised.

“To disseminate scientific knowledge to the public not only manifests how our expertise can benefit more people, but also is an effective way for college students to share their roles and responsibilities in the society.” Dr Shen Luhong, a member of this group, introduced that team members are always groping for new ideas in order to make activities more accessible to the masses and more effective.

According to the introduction, the doctoral service group this year will combine laboratory settings with regular tasks to create a series of activities targeted at people from all sectors and of different ages. The activities include the “Knowledge – Food” interactive class, “Food – Interest” summer camp, “Food – Research” questionnaire, Yogurt DIY Student Innovation Competition, etc., which see broad participation and wide coverage among citizens.

Xiang Yizhi, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the College of Food Sciences & Technology, said that the 2021 “Food Safety and Nutrition Campaign in China” series of voluntary activities was launched in June this year and soon gained momentum, with footprints covering more than 10 provinces and cities. This project has also been selected in one of the key activities on theme days of departments and committees of the State Administration for Market Regulation during the 2021 National Food Safety Publicity Week. Xiang Yizhi also said that the school will continue to support and encourage more students to participate and dedicate themselves to creating a high level of social environment for food safety.

The heads of the Food and Drug Safety Office of Wuhan and the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau said that students are an important force in the publicity of food safety. Their full participation will better promote the realization of National Food Safety Demonstration City in Wuhan and safeguard the safety of food tasted by people. In the future, the supervisory authorities will actively connect the doctoral team with well-known enterprises of Wuhan’s food industry to establish collaborations and create regular brand food safety popularization activities by combing online with offline. All these concerted efforts are devoted to boosting food safety in Wuhan as it prepares itself for becoming National Demonstration City for Food Safety.

Translated by: Wang Yi
Supervised by: Xie Lujie