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DBN Group Promotes Strategic Cooperation with HZAU


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On October 27, Mr. Liu Shi, Vice President of Da Bei Nong Group (DBN), and Mr. Wang Shi, Chairman of Beijing Jinse Fengdu Seed Technology Co., Ltd.(Fengdu), came to HZAU to promote strategic cooperation between DBN and HZAU. Vice President Yao Jianglin welcomed Liu and his delegation in the conference room of the administration building. Prof. Zhu Longfu, Dean of College of Plant Sciences & Technology, Prof. Liu Yongzhong and others attended the symposium.

At the symposium, Prof. Liu, on behalf of HZAU, signed a scientific and technological cooperation agreement with Fengdu. In the next five years, Fengdu will invest 5 million yuan on its cooperation with Liu’s team in the breeding of new maize varieties.

Mr. Liu introduced the Group’s innovations in scientific research in the past 20 years. He said scientific research need to be both forward-looking and pragmatic, and we have to transform scientific research findings into productivity to develop the Industry. Wang continued to put forward suggestions on scientific and technological cooperation on new maize varieties. He proposed to realize the rapid development of excellent maize varieties by using germplasm resources and the company’s integrated mechanism of breeding, production and promotion. Then Mr. Ding Derong from Biotechnology Company of DBN introduced the company’s history and stressed that a long-term plan is necessary in applied research, responding to national strategies so as to realize the transformation and application of scientific research findings.

Prof. Liu introduced his team’s technological advantages and planning on maize varieties and germplasm resources, and elaborated on the application prospect of special-purpose maize such as high-oil maize and high-amylose maize, providing new insights into in-depth cooperation with DBN.

Prof. Yao introduced our university and DBN has a long history of cooperation since the establishment of DBN Scholarship in the 1990s. With long-term cooperation in scientific research, the comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement signed last week is a new start for cooperation between HZAU and DBN. In the context of seed industry innovation, Yao said that HZAU would give full play to its germplasm resources and talent advantages, carry out in-depth scientific research cooperation with DBN through “HZAU - DBN Research Institute”. They will select research topics in six fields, including corn, rice, and pig, and jointly tackle key problems in research. HZAU will take the agreement as an opportunity to establish a long-term cooperative research and development mechanism of maize varieties with Fengdu, promoting its integrated development of breeding, production and promotion. Both sides will be committed to the development of China's maize industry.

Mr. Liu and his delegation also visited the National Key Laboratory of Crop Genetic Improvement, and discussed with Prof. Yan Jianbing (Vice President of HZAU and leader of maize team) on strategic cooperation in research and development. Yan then introduced the overall structure of HZAU’s maize team, showed the representative research findings and extension cases. The two sides further discussed the blueprint of long-term cooperation.



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Translated by: Wang Shengjiao

Supervised by: Guo Haiyan