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Prof. Deng Xiuxin Elected Chairman of the 14th Council of CSHS

The 2021 Annual Academic Conference and 14th Member Congress of the Chinese Society for Horticultural Science (CSHS) was held in Wuhan from October 25 to 26, hosted by CSHS and organized by HZAU and the Hubei Society for Horticultural Science. It has attracted more than 500 participants from universities, research institutes and enterprises across the country. The conference elected members of the 14th Council of CSHS, and Prof. Deng Xiuxin, vice president of the Chinese Academy of Engineering was elected the chairman of the Council.


The scene of the conference.  [Photo/Liu Tao]

In his opening speech, Mr. President Li Zhaohu said that the horticultural seed industry is important for “making a good turnaround in the seed industry,” and it guarantees the self-reliance and self-improvement of the horticultural industry, as well as the effective supply of horticultural products. As an important part of scientific and technological self-reliance, horticulture industry has received unprecedented attention and ushered in an good moment for development. He hoped that the attendees would have in-depth exchanges, provide support to the implementation of national strategies such as "rural revitalization", "macro health" and "macro ecology", and pool all the brains and brawn for achieving self-reliance in horticultural research and revitalization of horticultural seed industry.

Prof. Li Zhaohu gives an opening speech. [Photo/Liu Tao]

In the victory speech, Prof. Deng Xiuxin introduced that with the joint efforts of many scientists and technologists, Chinese horticulture has seen tremendous changes with improved depth and width in research, deeper industrial integration, and significantly higher international popularity. He stressed that members of the new council would keep up the fine tradition to respond to the party's call to work for farmers, industry, and talent training. In the meanwhile the council will value unity and internal harmony, and give guidance to younger generation.

Prof. Deng Xiuxin gives a victory speech.  [Photo/Cheng Yuhua]

Deng hoped that the new council would have a role to play in uniting the member to better facilitate the industry and transforming the Chinese Society of Horticulture into a platform to train the scientific and technological workers. The members would be united to develop the Industry. Then, against the backdrop of COVID-19 epidemic, it is necessary for the new council to create new forms of international cooperation and exchanges and pool wisdom of members to help with the training of top innovative talents in horticulture. And concerted efforts would be made to run academic journals Acta Horticulturae Sinica and Horticultural Plant Journal with an aim to exchange the latest advances in horticulture research at home and abroad.

In August 1956, CSHS held its inaugural conference in Beijing and elected the first Council. It has always been dedicated to the prosperity and development of horticultural science and technology, the training of horticultural scientific and technological talents, the popularization of horticultural scientific and technological knowledge, and foreign exchanges and cooperation in horticulture.

The two-day event included plenary and parallel sessions, with 59 academic reports covering a broad range of up-to-date topics in horticulture research. The parallel sessions focused on the themes of fruit trees, vegetables, melons and ornamental horticulture.



Translated by: Zhang Jiefeng

Supervised by: Guo Haiyan