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Frontiers Science Center for Animal Breeding and Sustainable Production Founded at HZAU

Founding congressPhoto by ZhangDong

 Frontiers Science Center for Animal Breeding and Sustainable Production(hereafter referred to as "Frontiers Science Center") of HZAU was officially founded on October 25th.

 The establishment meeting of the Frontiers Science Center was held in the Lecture Hall of Block B, State Key Laboratory of Agricultural Microbiology. President Li Zhaohu, Professor Chen Huanchun, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Vice President Yao Jianglin attended the meeting, and Zhang Yongjun, vice president of Science and Technology development Institute, presided over the conference.


Li Zhaohu and Chen Huanchun jointly unveiling the plaquePhoto by ZhangDong


Li Zhaohu awarding the letter of appointment to Academician Chen HuanchunPhoto by ZhangDong


Academician Chen Huanchun awarding the letter of appointment to Zhao Shuhong Photo by ZhangDong

 Yao jianglin read A Notice on the establishment of the Frontiers Science Center of Animal Breeding and Sustainable Production of HZAU. Li Zhaohu and Chen Huanchun jointly unveiled the plaque “Frontier Science Center of Animal Breeding and Sustainable Production”. Li Zhaohu awarded the appointment letter to Academician Chen Huanchun, the chief scientist and director of the Center. Chen Huanchun awarded the appointment letter to executive Deputy Director Zhao Shuhong, deputy directors Yan Xianghua, Gao Zexia, Miao Yiliang, Zhou Hongbo and Ren Zhuqing respectively.


Academician Chen Huanchun explaining the establishment background and development plan of Frontiers Science CenterPhoto by Yang Zijun

At the meeting, Academician Chen Huanchun delivered a special report on the development of Frontiers Science Center from four aspects: significance, main research direction and content, foundation, objectives and planning, and also elaborated its background and significance in detail. Chen Huanchun pointed that the biological seed industry is an important national frontier strategic field and animal breeding and Sustainable Production are important cornerstones for ensuring food security. However, facing the shortcomings in the development of the seed industry, it is urgent to carry out innovative research from five aspects, including varieties, breeding, diseases, nutrition, and habitat, aiming at the basic, prospective and interdisciplinary development. In the next five years, the Frontier Science Center will operate efficiently by putting four things into action including: physical space, research team, goal and task, and investment guarantee, to form innovative synergy and accelerate the development of frontier agricultural research in China, Chen Huanchun noted.


Li Zhaohu SpeakingPhoto by ZhangDong

 Li Zhaohu noted that the establishment of Frontiers Science Center is of great significance to the development of China’s biological seed industry. The integration of multiple disciplines is an important measure to strengthen the national strategic scientific and technological force. The school should give full play to its disciplinary advantages to create a first-class platform for scientific and technological innovation and cultivate innovation ability. He stressed that conducting scientific research should break conventional thinking, deeply explore the significance and direction, and stand at the forefront of solving scientific problems with the combination between theory and practice, form and content to fully promote the development of the university and serve the national major strategic development.

The meeting was attended by leaders and teachers from relevant departments and colleges, including College of Animal Sciences and Technology / College of Veterinary Medicine, College of Resources and Environment, College of Economics and Management, College of Fisheries, College of Engineering, College of Biomedicine and Health, etc.

It is acknowledged that the newly established Frontiers Science Center is a scientific organization independently operated by the HZAU. Guided by frontier scientific issues, the Frontiers Science Center will carry out forward-looking, strategic and frontier basic research to build itself into an international first-class frontier scientific research base, an innovative top-notch talent training base and a national strategic scientific and technological force in the field of animal breeding and sustainable Production.

The chief scientist assumes responsibility for the center under the leadership of the management committee. President Li Zhaohu is the director of the Management Committee of the Center, and Academician Chen Huanchun is the chief scientist and director of the Center.




Translated by:Wang Yi, Xu Yuanxin

Supervised by: Zhang Juan