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HZAU Pioneers in Water Conservation in Hubei Province

Hubei Provincial Department of Water Resources, Hubei Provincial Department of Education, and the Government Offices Administration of Hubei jointly published the list of the first batch of water-saving universities in Hubei. Only 10 out of 140 colleges and universities were awarded, HZAU being one of them. China Water Resources News reported the water conservation work of HZAU under the title of “Innovative water-saving mode helps in making the best of every drop”.
According to the report, HZAU pioneers in the following four aspects. First, high water efficiency. Over the past decade, HZAU has been monitoring and detecting the condition of underground pipes to prevent water leaking. 148 waterless urinals were installed in teaching buildings to reduce water consumption. Second, effective management. Water conservation activities for students and communities were held twice a year, and inspections were carried out on a random basis to control water-wasting. Moreover, all secondary units should make the energy consumption data public since 2020. Third, recycle of rainwater. 5 ponds near South Lake were renovated to gather and purify rainwater for experimental plots watering, with 0.3 million tons of rainwater recycled every year on average. Fourth, application of information technology. HZAU built a 3-D demonstration system for underground pipes and valves, showing the distribution clearly. With the help of District Metering Area in campus water supply, staff can analyze the water consumption data and detect any water loss and leakage in time. Besides, the upgraded metering system helped a lot in analyzing water balance automatically, locating water leakage and loss, and providing data support for decision-making.
Based on its water consumption condition as an agricultural and forestry university, HZAU fully implements water conservation regulations, and makes full use of information technology to recycle and reuse rainwater. With distinctive features and remarkable achievements in water conservation, HZAU has been awarded as Advanced Unit of Water Conservation in Wuhan for several times, as Conservation-oriented Public Institution by National Government Offices Administration, as Model University for Water Conservation and National Advanced Energy-saving University by China Association for Campus Management.

Translated by : Liu Nianyi