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HZAU is Awarded Water Saving Model Universities in Hubei Province

Recently, the Provincial Department of water resources, the Department of education and the Government Offices Administration of Hubei jointly published the list of the first batch of water-saving universities in Hubei Province. There are more than 140 colleges and universities in the whole province, among which the first 10 are selected, and our university is one of them. China Water Conservancy daily also reported the water-saving work of our university with the title of "innovating water-saving mode, making good use of every drop of water".

The report points out that our university has achieved good results in four aspects. Firstly, the effect of water saving and consumption reduction is impressive. For more than 10 years, our university has been persisting in leak detection of underground pipelines to reduce leakage, and 148 waterless non flushing urinals have been installed in teaching buildings to reduce water consumption. Secondly, we have conducted effective management. Our university insists on carrying out water-saving publicity activities for students and communities twice a year; carrying out water-saving inspection irregularly to reduce water waste; starting from 2020, we will carry out the publicity of energy consumption of secondary units. Thirdly, we have made full use of rainwater resources. The university renovated five ponds along the South Lake to collect and purify rainwater, and use it for irrigation of experimental bases along the line, achieving an average annual use of about 300000 tons of rainwater. Finally, we have built characteristic information system. The university has built a three-dimensional display system of underground water pipes and valves to find out the family background and clarify the relationship, which has realized DMA partition of campus water supply, carried out water analysis and found leakage in time. Therefore, it has improved the metering system to realize automatic analysis of water balance, positioning leakage and decision support.

It is reported that our university has made full use of modern information technology, combined with the characteristics of water resources consumption in agricultural and forestry colleges, paid close attention to water-saving behavior management, and take advantage of rainwater resources. Hence, the water-saving work has distinctive characteristics and the water-saving efficiency has been significantly improved. Our university has been rated as the advanced water-saving unit in Wuhan city for many times.

Translated by: Liu Huge