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HZAU 2019 Wins Another Two Major Projects of NSSFC

On December 4, the 2019 annual directory of major projects was releases by the National Social Science Fund of China (NSSFC). The project "Research on the Mechanism and Policy of Promoting Intergenerational Income Mobility Through Educational Development" applied by Prof. Chen Xinzhong from College of Public Administration of HZAU won a funding of 800,000 yuan ($114, 000) . Prof. Liu Ying from the College of Economics & Management of HZAU applied for the project "Research on China's Food Security Theory and Policy from the Perspective of International Competitiveness" and received a funding of 350,000 yuan ($50, 000).
Prof. Chen has been conducting researches on education streaming and social stratification & mobility for years. His project is designed to make an objective analysis of the relationship between educational development and intergenerational income mobility, thus to explore inherent laws and mechanism of such relationship. And the project aims to deepen the continuous impact of educational development on intergenerational income mobility, so as to realize the positive mobility of social stratification and social fairness and further mobilize the vitality of educational and dynamic development.
Prof. Liu has committed herself to the economic research of the grain industry for a long time and has developed academic thoughts on grain production, circulation and storage. She is also awarded as "Top Ten Figures of Valuing and Saving Food in China". Her research and viewpoints provide a strong theoretical support for changing the development mode of the grain industry and building a modern industrial system. And these are important to promote farmers' income, and facilitate the structural reform of the supply side of the food industry, thus ensuring national food security, and achieving high-quality agricultural development.
Major projects of NSSFC are of the highest caliber, greatest assistance and strongest authoritativeness among all categories, with an average financial support ranging from 600,000 to 800,000 yuan ($85500-$114000) . In 2019, there are 364 major projects of NSSFC. NSSFC adheres to the principles of transparency, fairness and quality over quantity and exercise control over political ideology and academic quality to approve the projects that can serve decision-making, produce practical solutions. Previously, HZAU won one major projects in 2012 and two major projects in 2018.



Translated by: Hou Yuanyuan
Supervised by: Guo Haiyan