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Kick-off Meeting on Prevention and Control of ASF in HZAU

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A kick-off meeting for the project entitled “Research and Demonstration on Key Technology of Prevention and Control of African Swine Fever (ASF)” was held in the Cooperative Innovation Center for Sustainable Pig Production in HZAU on Nov. 28. The project was the first major project on ASF research in Hubei Province, which was jointly conducted by HZAU, Hubei Academy of Agriculture Science (HAAS), Wuhan Institute of Virology CAS (WIVCAS), Hubei Animal Disease Prevention and Control Center (HADPC) and other three institutes.
The meeting and the project was presided over by Jin Meilin, Professor of College of Animal Science and Technology and College of Veterinary Medicine of HZAU. He introduced the project background, contents, objectives and task assignments. Directors of all Research Groups reported their research objectives, basis and recent progresses. Members of Advisory Group, including Prof. Cao Shengbo and Qian Ping from HZAU, had a discussion on their reports.
Chen Huanchun, Director of Advisory Group and Academician of CAE, said that ASF heavily hit pig industry and related industries of China, causing huge losses. And it was challenging for the prevention and control of ASF. Therefore, the project gave its first priority to the research on the pattern of outbreak and spread of ASF, rapid diagnosis technology, high-efficiency vaccine and integration and demonstration of comprehensive prevention and control technology of scale pig farms. The project is important to the overall improvement of the prevention and control technology of ASF, as well as the stabilization of pork price and supply.
Wang Jinju, Director of Rural Science and Technology Department of Science and Technology Department of Hubei Province, said Hubei provincial government promptly approved and initiated the project as they attached great importance to ASF. Yao Jianglin, Vice President of HZAU, said HZAU would try its best to ensure the project would finish with high quality.



Translated by: Yang Ting
Supervised by: Jin Bei